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a document oriented provider for Sql-Server & SqlCe4

SisoDb is a document-oriented db-provider for Sql-Server written in C#. It lets you store object graphs of POCOs without having to configure any mappings. Each entity is treated as an aggregate root and will get separate tables created on the fly.

What do you get?

The short version is, a document-oriented provider over Sql-server & SqlCe4.

  • Pure POCOs - there is no need for implementing any specific interface or base-class.
  • No mappings are needed. No means no! No Xml and no fluent API's. Mappings doesn't exist.
  • You get tables in your Sql-server so that you can leverage all that good infrastructure that comes with Sql-server.

Read more under Getting started.

Open-source & free forever!

SisoDb is Open-source and is written in C# targetting .net 4.0. It will always be free and the license it's distributed under is the MIT License.

Keep updated

Just follow @SisoDb on Twitter to keep track of releases and other news about SisoDb. Distribution is done via NuGet (read more)

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Quick demo

public class Customer
    public Guid Id { get; set; }
    public int CustomerNo { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }

//Setup database
var db = "myConnectionStringOrName".CreateSql20012Db();

//Use the database

var r = db.UseOnceTo().Query<Customer>(c => Name == "Daniel").SingleOrDefault();